BSS123,215: Overview, Features, and Applications

The BSS123,215 is an N-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistor (FET) that is commonly used in a variety of electronic circuits. Here's an overview of its features and typical applications:


Type: N-Channel Enhancement Mode Field-Effect Transistor
Package: SOT-23
Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


  1. Enhancement Mode: The BSS123,215 is an enhancement mode FET, meaning it operates with a positive gate-to-source voltage to control the flow of current between the drain and source terminals.

  2. Low Threshold Voltage: With a low threshold voltage, it can be easily switched on with low gate-to-source voltage, making it suitable for low-power applications.

  3. Low Input Capacitance: This feature allows for easy and efficient integration in high-frequency applications by minimizing the capacitive loading of the driving circuit.

  4. Surface Mount Package: The SOT-23 package makes it ideal for surface mount applications, offering compactness and ease of assembly onto printed circuit boards.


  1. Signal Switching: The BSS123,215 is frequently utilized for signal switching applications in various electronic circuits, particularly in low-power, battery-operated devices.

  2. Voltage Level Shifting: Due to its low threshold voltage, it is commonly used for level-shifting applications where signals need to be shifted to different voltage levels, such as in interfacing digital signals between different voltage domains.

  3. Load Switching: It is used as a switch to control the power supply to various sub-circuits, particularly in battery-operated devices, to improve energy efficiency and manage power distribution.

  4. Signal Amplification: In some low-power and low-frequency applications, the BSS123,215 can be used for signal amplification, taking advantage of its FET properties.

  5. Protection Circuits: In certain scenarios, BSS123,215 FETs are employed in protection circuits to safeguard other components by controlling the flow of current based on certain conditions.

  6. Oscillator Circuits: The FET can be used in oscillator and waveform generation circuits, specifically in low-power or small-scale integrated systems.

Overall, the BSS123,215 FET is commonly utilized in various digital and analog circuits due to its compact size, minimal control current requirements, and its ability to efficiently manage signal switching and level-shifting tasks within low-power and moderate-power electronics.

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